Update to the Parts Replacement Program 


As of February 18, 2020, if a game purchased in Canada has damaged or missing components, please return to the point of purchase for assistance. For further information on this process and more, please see the contact information list and consult our Parts Replacement FAQ (below).


General Parts Replacement FAQ


I bought my game at a local game or toy store. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

Return to the store where you originally purchased the game with proof of purchase, and they will be able to request a replacement copy of the game from Asmodee Canada or their distributor. When they receive it, you will be able to exchange your defective copy for the new one, subject to availability and store policy. For issues unrelated to missing or damaged components, your store’s regular return/exchange policies will apply.



I bought my game at a big box store/website (Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon, etc.). What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

Return the game to the store and follow their current return/exchange policies. Generally, you will be able to exchange your copy or receive a refund with original proof of purchase, and depending on the issue and available inventory. If you have any questions, please review their return/exchange policies ahead of time.


I bought my copy from a friend or an online consumer-to-consumer market. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

We encourage you to make sure that all components of a game are present and intact before purchasing a game second hand. Unfortunately, we cannot offer replacements for products that were not purchased directly from our Canadian retail partners or webstores.



I received my copy as a gift. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

If you or the gift purchaser know the game’s original point of purchase, please see the process above regarding returns per store type.


Why are you getting rid of the parts replacement program?

With the growing number of quality titles in Asmodee Canada's library, maintaining independent stock of components for each game has become more difficult. We believe that customers will be better served by contacting the store where the original purchase was made.



Who does this change in parts replacement affect?

These changes only apply to Canada. If you purchased an English language copy of a game outside of Canada, please speak to the retailer where the game was purchased,  as their policies may differ.



Retailer Parts Replacement FAQ

I bought my game directly from Asmodee Canada at a convention or one of their wholly owned web stores, including FFG, Z-Man, and the Asmodee Canada webstore. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

Please visit the webstore where you originally made your purchase and locate the “Customer Service” section for further assistance.



What if I submitted a Parts Request before  February 18th?

All parts requests submitted prior to February 18th have been fulfilled to the fullest extent possible. We apologize to any customers whose requests could not be processed due to lack of inventory, or whose requests were being held awaiting a reprint. If you still have an issue that cannot be resolved by receiving a new game in one of the ways listed above in this FAQ, please contact us at kEncEmaildtsAbtnpeff/dpn.



What if my question isn't answered here or I'm encountering problems while trying to resolve the issue with my game?

If you encounter a problem during any of the processes outlined in this FAQ, or if your question was not answered, please contact Asmodee Canada directly at kEncEmaildtsAbtnpeff/dpn and provide full details on the issue.