Account Policies of Asmodee Canada 

By having signed for an account with Asmodee Canada I understand that my account is not a contract and Asmodee Canada may put an end between parties at any time. 


Prepaid Account 

By accepting a prepaid account, I authorize Asmodee Canada to keep any payment information in my account. This term gives authorization to place payment/pre-authorization on the credit card on file. I am responsible to advise Asmodee Canada of any changes to my credit card information. 


Terms account 

By accepting a terms account, I authorize Asmodee Canada in obtaining information required in connection with the account applied for, and agrees to its terms of business. If terms are not followed, Asmodee Canada may put an end to this terms account at any time. Credit limit and term are at the discretion of Asmodee Canada.




Return policies of Asmodee Canada 

Your Damaged Product request will only be accepted within five (5) business days from reception of the damaged product as long as the listed steps below are followed. 


Defective/Damaged/Missing Game Components 

The Asmodee Group takes responsibility in supplying the buyer and/or retailer with all defective or missing parts for a game, if the product is still available on the market. This does not include liners and or boxes. All requests must be completed via For all French titles please contact your sales representative at Asmodee Canada Inc. 

This does not include Haba Games, Gigamic, Sphere Games in this case the manufacturers need to be contacted directly via their website.


Delivery Damages 

The client is responsible for inspection of the packages received before accepting delivery. If the damage is visible, it is the clients’ responsibility to sign the packages as (damaged) with the transporter/courier. Neither the transporter/courier nor Asmodee Canada will accept claims for damaged products if the client has failed to sign the delivery as damaged. 

Here are the 6 steps which need to be followed for us to accept any claims and damages cause by a transporter; we will not credit, reimburse etc. if these steps are not followed.

  1. Accept the shipment and sign for as “DAMAGED”. In some cases, there is no ‘damaged box’ to check off on the electronic scanners that the drivers use, but there should be enough space in the signature box to mark the word ‘damaged’. 
  2. Photograph the outside of the damaged carton, CLEARLY showing the courier label with barcode along with the damage to the box. 
  3. Open the box and photograph the interior showing the packing materials, BEFORE removing the games. 
  4. Remove the packing materials and games and photograph the damaged game(s). 
  5. Email the photos along with a list of the damaged games within 5 business days, no longer. 
  6. ALL courier companies require that the consignee keep the damaged packaging and products aside for inspection. We understand that some clients don’t have the room to keep broken boxes and games aside due to storage issues. A customer service representative will call the consignee to confirm the damage claim and ask if the packing and damaged goods are on hand. If they are not, the claim will be rejected. No returns will be accepted by Asmodee Canada without prior written authorization. 


Concealed Damages

All concealed damages must be reported to a sales representative at Asmodee Canada within 5 business days of reception of merchandise. It is at the discretion of Asmodee Canada if a credit can be issued. All steps above must be mentioned and photographic documentation is still necessary to process any claims. 

Photos of the damaged packaging and games will be needed in order to process claims; this applies for Concealed Damages and Delivery Damages only. 

If, for any other reasons, Asmodee Canada is unable to replace the product, missing or damaged parts due to damage (ex: discontinued items, item is out of print etc.) For all other distributed companies you will be referred to the original publisher. 

If, for any reason, Asmodee Canada is unable to replace missing or damaged components due to a title which is now discontinued and/or out of print, Asmodee Canada will issue a credit for the total value of the game as indicated on the original invoice. For any other games; not published by the Asmodee Group you will be referred to the original publisher. 



Release date policies of Asmodee Canada 

Release dates must be respected at all times for brick and mortar stores and online stores. You will be given this information through the sales department on game release dates; it is also your responsibility to ask for any missing information. Asmodee Canada can, at any given time; revoke the opportunity to receive games in advance and this will also impact any restocks on titles if not respected in the future. 



Thank you for your understanding, 

Asmodee Canada Team.