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Product Code: LK3516

UPC Code: 029877035168

Agricola is finally playable with five and six players! This expansion for the popular connoisseur's game lets up to 6 farmers develop their farms! Lots of wood, additional farmyard boards, room tiles and food markers, 48 new occupations, 8 additional major improvements, and 4 Scotland themed promo cards breathe new life into the game!

-In the game, the players are animal farmers and want to extend their farms to hoard as many animals as possible on their pastures and in their stables.

-Players begin the game with two family members and can grow their families over the course of the game

-Mechanisms include: enclosure, tile placement, worker placement

-This is an expansion. A copy of Agricola is required to play.

Case Pack: 10

  • Language : English
  • Hobby type : Intermediate
  • Age : 12+
  • Time : 60-120 min
  • Number of players : +2
  • Availability: Not in Stock

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