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Product Code: INPAON72

UPC Code: 3760353370171

The factory of the world of dreams is on the brink of destruction! The Evil Cogs have sabotaged all the machines, and it is only a matter of minutes before everything implodes. At the head of a robot squad, will you manage to repair the factory before all the failsafes have collapsed? Cyberion is a game of hands-management: you must use your Robot cards wisely, either to repair the Machine cards or to trigger powerful effects. The Machines get harder to repair throughout the game, but you'll also have opportunities to increase the magnitude of the effects your Robot can trigger.

Case Pack: 12

  • Language : English
  • Age : 10+
  • Time : 15-30 min
  • Number of players : 1-2
  • Availability: Not in Stock

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